Since 1990, KEMTRON Technologies has been providing solids control and dewatering equipment to customers around the world.  In doing so, we have developed a unique set of core competencies that have made us a service leader in waste management and solids control solutions. By focusing on each customer’s unique problems, KEMTRON has become more than an original equipment manufacturer, we have become a sophisticated and trusted solutions provider.  As a result of this focus, KEMTRON products can now be found in over 30 countries.

KEMTRON maintains an impeccable record of standing behind our products and technologies. KEMTRON was the first company to obtain ISO 9001 certification for the design and manufacture of solids control and dewatering equipment. Today KEMTRON continues to raise the bar with streamlined manufacturing practices and providing customers with some of the industry’s most aggressive warranty terms. KEMTRON equipment is long lasting, dependable and easy to operate allowing today's drilling contractor to focus on the job at hand and not worry about equipment performance.

KEMTRON manufactures a complete line of user-friendly mud recycling, mud mixing, dewatering, and closed-loop water reclamation systems for the oil & gas, trenchless drilling, geothermal, water-well, environmental remediation and mining industries. Specific products manufactured by KEMTRON include
linear motion shale shakers, dewatering centrifuges, shale shaker screens, vertical cuttings dryers, mud mixing systems, packaged mud recycling systems, performance polymers, centrifugal pump, agitation packages, and vacuum degassers. 

Though each product manufactured by KEMTRON is designed to meet the highest quality standards, KEMTRON greatest value is in its unique system packaging capabilities. KEMTRON's systems can be built as a fully integrated mobile trailer, oil-field skid, or in a climate-controlled enclosed structure. KEMTRON’s integrated mobile solutions allow both service providers and end users the ability to expedite project schedules and minimize unnecessary maintenance and set-up costs.

KEMTRON’s ultimate goal is to provide the industry with reliable and durable solids control solutions. Our products themselves have years of demonstrated performance, but our packaged systems and creative mobile solutions set KEMTRON apart, amongst the original equipment manufacturers and solids control companies found in the industry.  

If you have any questions or require additional information about KEMTRON products or what our team can do to support your organization’s challenges, please don’t hesitate to contact us through this website or by telephone at +1 (281) 261-5778 or +1 (888) KEM-TRON.

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